Tuesday, 18 December 2018

2019 Ford Mustang NASCAR Cup Car Is Ready To Race

2019 Ford Mustang NASCAR Cup Car Is Ready To Race
19 Aug

As a result, the NASCAR Mustang closely replicates its production car counterpart apart from the reshaped headlights and revised fascia. It still looks different to the standard Mustang, however, since Ford styled the NASCAR racer after the Mustang Shelby GT 350.

“Ever since we announced in April that Mustang would be going to the Cup level in 2019, we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “Our Ford Performance team has worked hard with the Ford Design team to create a Mustang that will be competitive on the track while remaining true to its proud heritage. We can’t wait to see it winning races in the NASCAR Cup Series next year.”

Source: https://carbuzz.com/news/2019-ford-mustang-nascar-cup-car-is-ready-to-race


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